Where Do I Start With A Self Build?

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In recent years, self building has been growing in popularity in the UK. For those who dream of a dwelling that aligns perfectly with their personal tastes and lifestyle, embarking on a self-build can be the ideal path to achieving a home that’s as unique as they are. However, embarking on such a bespoke building journey necessitates a comprehensive plan. A well-thought-out strategy ensures that your resources—energy, time, and finances—are invested wisely, paving the way to a home that’s truly your own.

What exactly is a self build project?

A self-build project involves directly overseeing the design and construction of your new home, rather than purchasing a pre-built property. This approach allows for a high degree of customisation, making it possible to incorporate unique design elements and personal touches that pre-built homes often lack. The journey starts with acquiring a plot of land, followed by planning and designing your home, often with the assistance of architects and specialists. You then oversee the construction process, either by hiring contractors or, for the more adventurous, taking on some of the work yourself. The result is a home that’s not just a living space, but a personal statement and a testament to your vision.

How do you start a self-build home?

Embarking on a self-build project can seem daunting. However, we’re here to answer any self build questions that you may have. Here’s how to get started:

Find a suitable plot of land

The foundation of your self-build journey, quite literally, begins with finding the right plot. Consider location, proximity to amenities, and the natural landscape, which will form the backdrop to your daily life. Utilise resources like local auctions, real estate listings, and online platforms specialising in land sales. Pay attention to crucial factors such as access to the site, existing planning permissions, availability of utilities, and any legal covenants or restrictions.

Decide how you will approach your self-build

Tailor your approach based on your skills, budget, and how involved you want to be. If you’re new to construction, collaborating with a trusted architect and hiring a project manager to oversee the build can ensure professional guidance. For those with some construction experience, a more hands-on approach might be appealing. Whichever route you choose, staying informed about building regulations and legal requirements is critical.

Get familiar with regulations and permissions

Understanding and adhering to local building regulations and planning permissions is crucial for a smooth self-build process. In the UK, this includes securing planning permission from your local council and ensuring your build complies with UK building regulations. These steps are vital for both the legality and safety of your home.


Now you are ready to start on your self build. Follow the steps above, but do plenty of your own research too. You are sure to fall in love with self builds and the results that they can offer.

Confused about the process? We can help you. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we’re confident we can help you build the house of your dreams. We are available to work on projects in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Contact us today to get started.

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