What Is Commercial Refurbishment, And Why Might You Need It?

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There has never been any doubt that a commercial refurbishment is good for business. A new, updated design does wonders for a business in more ways than one.

It’s time to take your company to the next level, even if everything seems to be running adequately at the moment. In light of all the societal changes that have been occurring, there’s no better time to have your workplace refurbished. You will be able to welcome your staff back to the office with fresh and positive energy.

But what exactly does commercial refurbishment mean, and what benefits can it have for your company?

What Is Commercial Refurbishment?

The term “commercial refurbishment” refers to the process of restoring a previously used commercial facility that has become outdated or worn.

An updated and renovated facility is more appealing to current tenants, prospective clients, and future owners.

Why Should You Start a Refurbishment Project?

There are various reasons to get started on a renovation project, but the primary ones are often the following:

To Avoid Penalties: Health and safety in the workplace and the energy efficiency of buildings are now regulated by the government. If you fail to comply, you may be subject to penalties.

Your builder should be familiar with all legal requirements and how to meet them. If you’d like to familiarise yourself with the rules, you can find a handbook online regarding Building Regulations.

For Expansion: This means making more room so you can rearrange your inventory or your workforce in a way that makes everyone more comfortable.

To Improve your Brand: Make sure that your space is up-to-date and comfy for your consumers and clients to send the proper message about your brand.

Consistency throughout all aspects of a company, including its letterheads, websites, and physical locations, is one of the most important parts of branding for any organisation.

To Improve Energy Efficiency: To lower your monthly energy costs. This could involve making greater use of office technology and updating fixtures.

Types of Refurbishment

There are three distinct types of refurbishing, which are as follows:

Minor: Repairing damaged walls, fixing a leaky roof, and redecorating the inside and exterior would all fall under the category of “minor renovation.”

Medium: This might include aesthetic changes like re-decorating, as well as adding additional rooms with updated fixtures – such as HVAC system installations.

Full: To completely renovate a space requires extensive labour. It involves the demolition and reconstruction of walls and floors. Other major changes might include underground wiring and plumbing for new heating, air conditioning, and lighting systems.

Benefits of Commercial Refurbishment

1. Boosts Productivity

If your workplace is dull, dated and uninteresting, it will be difficult to keep the morale and motivation of your employees up.

By investing in an office makeover, you are also investing in your workers. With a new and updated workplace, they will be more enthused and ready to show up and give their all every day. This will ultimately benefit your business.

2. Draws In Potential Clients

It’s been said that the office is the face of the company. A potential client’s first impression of your firm may depend in large part on the condition of your workspace.

People are more likely to conduct business with you if they have trust in your company’s future success, which is reflected in the quality of your facility.

3. Boosts Employee Performance

It goes without saying that the success of your company depends on more than simply satisfying your customers. Your employees are crucial to your success as well.

Their efficiency is essential to the wellbeing of your company since it immediately affects your profits. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to the satisfaction of your employees.

Maybe all your employees need is a a well-organised desk or a beautifully decorated break room to ignite their creativity and make them more productive workers.

4. Boosts The Credibility of the Company

What goes on in your workplace space sends a message about your company. You need to ensure that your company is conveying the right message.

Having clients arrive at a dingy, outdated space is bad for business. A new coat of paint or some fresh office furniture may do wonders for the atmosphere of the whole workplace without you breaking the bank.

5. Boosts The Number Of Customers Who Visit Your Store

Customers are attracted to stores that have both high-quality items and friendly service, as well as a modern and comfortable interior.

Consumers often have more than one purpose in mind when they visit a commercial area to shop. They will want to compare prices and features across different brands.

However, they will want to leave as quickly as possible if anything about the outside or inside makes them uncomfortable.

Because there are so many options and alternatives in this day and age, this has the potential to do severe damage to businesses located in dated facilities. However, when a business facility is renovated, curiosity is piqued among the local community.

In addition, your current audience will be so impressed by the sleek, contemporary, and elegant design of your business that they may spread the word to their friends.

6. Improves Health And Safety

Damaged fixtures pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your employees. If your workplace has been in use for a long time, there may be some damage due to normal wear and tear.

Investing in a commercial refurbishment drastically reduces the likelihood of any incidents occurring in the workplace.

7. Makes Better Use of Available Area

Renovating a business space may increase productivity by making it easier for both employees and consumers to move around.
It’s also a great way to break up cramped quarters and replace them with more open, functional floor plans.

The layout of an office should be planned to encourage maximum teamwork and collaboration. The efficiency of the workplace may improve as a result.

If you need additional space, a well-thought-out remodelling plan can help your company run more smoothly and even allow for further expansion.


We are confident that we have the experience, skills and know-how to revamp your office or commercial space and turn it into an ideal space for your employees.

Want to see some examples of our work? Check out some of our previous commercial refurbishment projects – Fierce Gym and Taylor and Co.

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