What Does A Turnkey Fit-Out Involve?

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A turnkey fit-out is an all-inclusive construction service. It begins with preliminary planning and design, and continues through to the building and finishing stages. Design, building, installation, and furnishings are often all part of a turnkey fit-out. However, this can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

If you are a property developer, landlord, or even just a company starting up a new location, a turnkey office fit-out might be a good option for you. It makes the process as smooth and flawless as possible. Why spend your valuable time liaising between multiple contractors and suppliers when you can deal with just one company?

Turnkey fit-outs provide a streamlined process by eliminating the need for multiple contacts. A good turnkey fit-out company will take the time to get to know your goals and preferences. This means they can produce a result that is ideal for you.

Choosing a single company to oversee all aspects of your office’s renovation has many other benefits. For instance, you can be sure that the same high standards will be maintained across the board. You won’t have to take any more risks with fly-by-night operators. You’ll be collaborating with professionals that have everything they need to do their jobs. In addition, as they are experts in their field, you won’t need to worry about navigating confusing laws and building regulations.

To get the most out of your money, you should consider turnkey fit-outs. With a turnkey solution, you won’t have to worry about balancing your budget by haggling with multiple service providers and product vendors.

With a turnkey refurbishing service, everything will be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Once it is completed, all you will need to do is ‘turn the key’.

What is Involved in a Turnkey Fit-Out?

1. Professional Expertise

Turnkey contracts allow for less hands-on participation from the client since the expert handles both the project’s design and delivery.

You will only need to lay out your request once, and you won’t need to elaborate again. By handing over the job, you eliminate the need to coordinate the work of many contractors throughout the office fit-out. This will make it an infinitely less stressful process for you.

In most cases, the contractor is obligated to complete the task to the agreed specifications and timelines before being paid in full.

2. Singular Point of Contact

Because of the cohesive nature of the team delivering the project, clients benefit from increased adaptability within the service.
By maintaining a single point of contact throughout the entirety of the project, the turnkey company will be able to compile a comprehensive history of the undertaking. This will allow them to respond to any questions with more detail and efficiency.
Costs and delays may be avoided, which is a huge benefit for any project.

3. Reduced Costs

With a turnkey fit-out, the full scope of the project is laid out at the outset. Therefore, turnkey projects may lower financial risks and allow for more precise ROI calculations.
When using the standard DBB method, construction costs are generally unknown until the project has reached the final design stage.

4. Faster Turnaround Time

Before your designs are completely finalised, your turnkey company will be able to begin sourcing subcontractors and supplies. Overall, the process will be far more streamlined. This greatly shortens the duration of the project as a whole, so you can get your completed fit-out faster.

Who Is Involved In A Fit Out?

A fit-out project will most likely include the services of an engineer, an architect, and a fit-out contractor. However, the specific trade contractors required may vary, depending on the scope of the intended works.

In order to create an optimal interior design and layout, the tenant and designer will often examine the space together. They will take time to discuss the demands of the business, the number of employees, and the design preferences of the tenant.
Input from the fit-out contractor is crucial at this point. They may be able to provide guidance on technical and trade-specific construction features that the rest of the team may have overlooked.

It is the responsibility of the fit-out contractor to ensure that the project follows all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any applicable building codes.

How a Turnkey Fit-Out Can Benefit You

1. Reduced downtime and increased productivity in the workplace

Turnkey fit-out contractors are well-versed at working inside inhabited business settings.

Good office renovation programs take into consideration the necessity to keep certain systems operational throughout the fit-out process. In addition, they will ensure that any extremely noisy work is performed outside of normal business hours.

A detailed logistical plan will be developed to guarantee that there is as little interruption as possible for all parties involved.

2. Fast, complete, and hassle-free office refurbishment

The best kind of turnkey solution can provide you with as much or as little of the design and fit-out service required. A good turnkey company can serve as just the contractor, taking more of a hands-off approach, or they can deliver a complete turnkey solution for your office fit-out.

Our turnkey solutions are intended to guarantee your office interior has everything you need – without the burden of managing several providers.

Whether you’re creating a new office, relocating your current business to a new site, or just remodelling your existing office space – it’s our job to assist throughout your journey.

3. Designs for your business that work for everyone

We are experienced in coordinating across whole organisations to meet the varying demands of individual divisions. All the while, we will also deliver practical, cost-effective commercial design and fit-out solutions for your ongoing operations.

4. Ongoing assistance and attention during the construction process

Relocating or renovating your office space can have a profound effect on your company culture. With a proper turnkey fit-out solution, your staff will be actively involved and kept in the loop at all times.

We know that a successful project is achieved when all members of the team feel that they have contributed to its creation.

Office space planning and visualisation options can be used from the very beginning to help flesh out requirements for the space. These can also be used to guide difficult decisions further down the line.


Here at Astrum Construction, we have over twenty years of experience in creating ideal environments for you to work and live in. We can transform your current working space into a spacious and modern open plan office, or install partition walling for more privacy.

We don’t just have experience with office fit-outs – we have also worked on restaurant extensions, gyms, barn conversions to office space and more.

You can trust that we will provide you with the ideal environment for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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