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Building with Natural Stone

At Astrum, one of the elements of construction that we specialise in is natural stone. Whether we are building a brand new home with natural stone, or building a stone extension on an existing property, using this material has many benefits. Natural stone is a durable, high-quality material. It is also visually appealing. Stone construction lends itself perfectly to landscapes of rural locations.

Natural stone is a sustainable building material. There are a couple of different ways we can source natural stone - we can extract it from a local quarry, or we can reclaim it from buildings that have been demolished nearby. Both of these options are far more ecological than the processes used to create standard building bricks.

Natural stone is:

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes
  • Retains thermal mass
sustainable stone construction in milton keynes

Benefits of building with natural stone:

  • Long life cycle
  • Resistance
  • Recyclability
  • Attractiveness
  • Comes in an abundance of colours
  • Easy to maintain

We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship. A large quantity of our work is made up of large extensions and renovations of period properties. We feel that natural stone gives an aura of timelessness, and the feel that the stone extension or new build has always been there.

Do you feel that a natural stone extension would fit perfectly with your property? We carry out beautiful and unique stone construction projects across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

A large benefit of working with stone is its durability. It is water, fire, and wind-resistant. It does not go mouldy and it is not prone to termites.

In addition, choosing stone for your house or extension can improve the temperature regulation of your home. Buildings made from materials with high thermal mass - such as stone - feel cooler during hot days and warmer during cold nights. This is because stone has the ability to take in and release heat slower than other materials such as timber.


Stone Work Projects


Mill House – Barn Conversion, Extension, Stone Work

sustainable stone construction in milton keynes

Stone Work


Other Services

Astrum Construction Woburn

We can work with you to create the perfect home from the planning stages through to interior design and smart home solutions. We can assist with the design, and work through complications that may arise to ensure you get the exact home you have always dreamed of. We can also provide labour only teams to larger construction projects if required.

We are constantly updating our skills & knowledge of the building industry, we use sustainable materials wherever possible lessening impact on the environment & making your home as energy efficient as possible. We also work with the latest technology in smart home solutions, lighting controls, and security systems.


Here at Astrum Construction we can create the extra space you need with a garage or loft conversion.

Garages and lofts are an ideal area to convert for that much-needed living space.

Astrum Construction can turn your garage or loft into an extra bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living area. Whichever you choose we will ensure it is a space you will love.


Do you want a bigger kitchen? Want a new bedroom? Let Astrum Construction help you by building an extension. Extensions give you extra space and can add immense value to your property. You can have the extension built exactly how you want. We like to take time to listen to our customers, their ideas and expectations and can offer our expert advice and recommendations.

Our unique approach is based entirely around your needs. You can choose our team to project manage the whole process, from the initial design of your project, through to the build and completion, right down to the last coat of paint. Or you can choose the services which suit you.  The simple staged process enables you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

By working with us, you can be confident that we’ll find the best solution for you and your family, creating the living space you need to suit your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

sustainable stone construction in milton keynes

At Astrum Construction we are at the forefront of the refurbishment and restoration industry. We offer all our customers a unique building and refurbishment service which combines with our knowledge of traditional building techniques with modern methods.

Whether you have a traditional building in need of a full refurbishment or a more contemporary building which needs internal refurbishment, Astrum Construction have the expertise for the job.


Along with our domestic building services we also offer a wide range of commercial refurbishments including fit out services creating the perfect working environment for your customers, clients and employees.

We can transform your existing building to an open plan working system or install partition walling to separate office spaces if required.

Works that we have undertaken include office fit-out, restaurant extensions, barn conversions to office space and more. We will undertake the whole project from planning to completion, inclusive of all areas from wash rooms to parking areas. You can trust that Astrum will provide you with the perfect environment for your growing business.

barn conversion company

At Astrum we hold a wealth of experience in understanding all the planning conditions and constraints involved in the construction of barn conversions. We can assist with the whole construction process from planning & approval of your conversion and design right down to lighting controls and smart home solutions.

The positive of converting existing barn buildings is that they, like new builds, are largely exempt from VAT, which you are currently able to reclaim via HMRC Notice 431C. Also, the strict planning constraints involved in the building of new dwellings in the Countryside are timely and expensive to overcome. Recent changes in planning ‘Permitted Development (PD) rights introduced in early April 2014 have transformed the landscape for anyone wishing to undertake a barn conversion in England (not applicable to the rest of the United Kingdom as it currently stands).

Barn conversions are the perfect build for those wishing to embrace original design features and character while utilising living space. The beauty of a barn conversion is that they allow for generous room proportions and high ceilings.


At Astrum one of the elements of construction that we specialise in is building/extending homes with natural stone, not just because of its inherent characteristics of quality and durability but also due to the fact that it lends itself perfectly to landscapes of rural locations.

Natural stone is a sustainable building material, the process of extracting natural stone from local quarries or reclaimed from nearby demolished buildings is far more ecological that the processes used to create standard building bricks.

Natural stone is:

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes
  • Retains thermal mass

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