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stone construction

Stone Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about building your own home, converting a barn, or extending your house? There’s a lot to consider, especially when it comes to picking the right materials. If you’re looking for something durable and beautiful but also kind to the planet, consider natural stone. Read on to find out whether stone construction is the right […]

barn conversion specialist Astrum Construction

Why Should You Work With A Barn Conversion Specialist?

A barn conversion is the process of turning a barn or similar agricultural structure into a habitable residential lodging. Many of these buildings have gone unused for years and are often in varying states of disrepair when they are converted. Barn conversions often involve a lot of restoration work in addition to the usual construction […]

Astrum Construction start self build

Where Do I Start With A Self Build?

Self building has become an increasingly popular trend in the UK. For those who dream of a dwelling that aligns perfectly with their personal tastes and lifestyle, embarking on a self-build can be the ideal path to achieving a home that’s as unique as they are. However, embarking on such a bespoke building journey necessitates […]

bespoke home

Bespoke Home: Design your Dream

The process of creating a bespoke home is a deeply rewarding experience. Every element of a bespoke home – from unique floorplans to the integration of advanced technology – reflects your personality. Tailor-made for you This type of home offers a unique opportunity to shape your living space precisely to your wants and preferences. Renovating […]

stone extensions buckinghamshire and bedfordshire

Advantages of Stone Construction

If there’s one thing we can say about stone, it’s that it has stood the test of time. From ancient castles to modern homes, stone has been a popular choice all over the world. Today, as we are drawn towards more sustainable building materials, stone construction is becoming even more popular due to its durability […]

how much does a barn conversion cost

How Much Does A Barn Conversion Cost?

Converting a barn into a cosy, habitable space is an exciting prospect for many, but one of the first questions that arises is: how much does a barn conversion cost? As with all building projects, the answer isn’t straightforward. Costs can vary widely depending on a range of factors. How to Cost a Barn Conversion […]

build your own house

Why Build Your Own House?

When you build your own house, you embark on an adventure to create a place that is truly yours. For those who dream of living in a house that is as unique as they are, self building offers an opportunity to bring those dreams to life. Self building is becoming increasingly popular for those who […]

self build mortgage

How Does A Self Build Mortgage Work?

What is a self build mortgage? A self build mortgage is a type of loan designed for those who want to build their own house instead of buying an existing home. They are usually more flexibile than traditional mortgages, as they are structured to accommodate the financial needs and unique requirements of self builders. What […]

barn conversion company Astrum Construction

Are Barn Conversions a Good Investment?

When a former agricultural building is transformed into a residential home suitable for modern living, it’s called a barn conversion. Old barns are generally roomy with high ceilings. They are the ideal canvas for designing a personalised home or business space. In the 1980s, many landowners quit using barns as agricultural structures. As a result, […]

self build mistakes

8 Common Self Build Mistakes

Building your own house is a fantastic way to ensure that your home caters to your needs and preferences exactly. However, self build projects can be complex and lengthly, with many pitfalls if you don’t know what you are doing. Research is key to a successful build, so avoid these 8 self build mistakes to […]

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