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As highly experienced barn conversion contractors, we’ve seen a lot over the years.

Lordsmead, Cranfield, Bedfordshire

Some complex local barn conversion projects require not just one, but several of our specialist skills. Our skills and experience in conservation and restoration helped us immensely with this task.

This derelict building in Cranfield was in dire need of some love and attention. We restored and rejuvenated it to give it a new lease of life.

The original building was so old, it no longer had much of a ceiling. The walls were also crumbling away in some places. To make this into a habitable building, we had to do a lot of restoration work. We are immensely pleased with the results!

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Conservation of buildings is one of our strong points. It’s one of the reasons we are an excellent barn conversion company. We combine many years of knowledge of traditional building methods with a never-ending thirst to learn more and try more modern methods. Taking the best parts from both old and new approaches allows us to create beautiful, unique homes for you.

Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

This was a long and complex project – beginning in 2015 and finishing in 2018.

The original building was made from wood and corrugated metal sheets. It had fallen into disuse and was completely falling apart.

To rejuvenate this building, we combined several different methods of building. Our talented bricklayers added some elements, and the rest of the building’s structure was recreated in high-quality timber.

When you are working with a building as old as this one, you expect to encounter many challenges. This project was no exception! Nevertheless, we persevered to achieve the client’s vision for their property. It was very important to them to maintain the original layout of this building. We wanted to retain the traditional composition, while updating the building so it is suitable for modern living.

The finish project features exposed beams, striking black-and-white furniture and a wonderful balcony for enjoying the countryside air.

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Hardmead, Newport Pagnell

This local barn conversion project was a little different.

We were tasked with connecting a run-down outbuilding to the main part of the house. Our client wanted to transform their disused outbuilding into a self-contained annex. This allows family members to move in with them, while also allowing our clients to maintain their own space. While the annex was to be self-contained, the client also requested that the two buildings are connected so that getting from one to the other is easy.

We didn’t just carry out a high-quality barn conversion for this project. We also renovated the rest of the main house, installing a new kitchen, bathroom and family bathroom.

The style choices on this job involved some meticulous planning on our part. When it came to styling the extension, we wanted to maintain the traditional feel of the main house – but give the entire property a modern facelift.

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Top Farm, Wyboston, Bedfordshire

While we are an established barn conversion contractor, we also work on new build developments from time to time.

We transformed this unique location – originally a large barn – into five separate residences. These new build homes have something that many lack nowadays: ample outdoor space and a large communal garden for all to enjoy. All of this is set against the backdrop of a beautiful rural area.

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This local barn conversion project involved a large amount of stone work – another of our major strengths. Natural stone has many benefits. It looks great in rural locations, blending effortlessly into the landscape. It is also a sustainable building method, as natural stone can be reclaimed from other building sites and used again.

Unit 5 and 6

We don’t just do residential barn conversions. This example is actually a commercial barn conversion.

Our client was in desperate need of extra space. To provide them with this, we converted the barn on their property into two units. One was to be our client’s new office, and the other a workshop or extra storage. We replaced the cladding, installed doors and windows, and boarded the interior.

This allowed our client to avoid the rising costs of rent for offices. It also provided them with the convenience of having their office right on their doorstep.

By converting their outdoor barn into their office space, this client gets all the benefits of working from home – but still get to keep their space for relaxation separate from their space for working. It’s the best of both worlds!

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Local barn conversion projects like these require a lot of specialist knowledge and experience. That’s why it’s important to choose a good barn conversion contractor like Astrum Construction.

Why choose Astrum?

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we’ve seen it all. We have vast amounts of experience with many elements of barn conversions – for either residential or commercial purposes.

We can create a new home for you, a useful extension for your home, or a much-needed office or workspace.

Typically, we work within Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, or Hertfordshire.

We’d love to help you with your local barn conversion projects – get in contact today.

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