How To Style Your Stone Extensions

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic or a sleek, contemporary addition to your home, stone extensions provide a plethora of design possibilities that cater to many architectural styles.

Stone is one of the oldest building materials we have at our disposal. Its appeal has endured over thousands of years – and for good reason. Stone is a timeless and extremely durable building material. Some of the oldest existing buildings in the world are made from stone. For many years we have neglected stone in favour of modern alternatives like steel, concrete or brick. However, as environmental friendliness becomes increasingly important, stone is making a comeback as a reusable building material that does not require large carbon emissions to create.

Charming rustic stone extensions

Rustic design celebrates the warmth and authenticity of natural elements. There are many variations of rustic design, but all have one thing in common: natural, rugged beauty. Here’s how you can incorporate rustic charm into your stone extension:

Play with texture

Choose rough-cut or irregularly shaped stones to create a sense of aged beauty. As well as using these stones for the exterior walls of your stone extension, consider bringing elements of the outside in. Use your rough-cut stones for striking accent walls or fireplace surrounds.

Use earthy colours

We recommend choosing stones in earthy tones like warm browns, deep greys, and muted greens. These colours blend seamlessly with rustic interiors and create a cosy atmosphere.

Exposed beams and wood

Pair your natural stone extension with exposed wooden beams, distressed floors, and vintage furnishings to enhance the rustic vibe.

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Sophisticated contemporary stone extensions

While stone is generally associated with older buildings, they look just as beautiful on modern buildings. Even if your chosen aesthetic is bright, spacious and modern, don’t dismiss the idea of stone extensions. With the right approach, stone harmonises with sleek lines and minimalist designs. Here’s how to modernise this ancient building material:

Clean lines

Opt for stone tiles with clean, straight edges. Consider large tiles for a seamless, uncluttered appearance.

Monochromatic palette

For a contemporary look, choose stones in neutral shades like whites, greys, and black. This creates a backdrop that complements contemporary furnishings and really allows your interior design to shine through.

Contrast with metal and glass

Integrate your stone extensions with metal accents and glass elements to create a modern juxtaposition of textures and materials.

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Create your own style

The beauty of stone extensions lies in their versatility; they’re not limited to one end of the design spectrum. Instead, they can be easily adapted to match your personal style. Blend rustic and contemporary elements to create a transitional look that’s entirely your own.

Mixed textures

Combine rough-textured natural stone with smooth surfaces for an interesting visual and tactile experience.

Statement pieces

Create a focal point using a large stone wall or column, anchoring your design while allowing other elements to play around it.

Harmonising colours

Choose stones that bridge the gap between rustic and contemporary – such as slate or limestone – with colours that are neutral, yet distinctive.

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Because there are so many types of stone available, stone extensions offer almost limitless possibilities for design. By embracing the characteristics of stone and tailoring them to your preferred style, you can achieve stunning results that reflect your unique taste.

Regardless of whether you’re drawn to the rugged charm of a rustic style or the clean lines of contemporary living, stone extensions have the versatility to make your vision a reality.

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