Are Barn Conversions a Good Investment?

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When a former agricultural building is transformed into a residential home suitable for modern living, it’s called a barn conversion.

Old barns are generally roomy with high ceilings. They are the ideal canvas for designing a personalised home or business space.

In the 1980s, many landowners quit using barns as agricultural structures. As a result, their appeal as residential and commercial spaces soared.

And in 2014, regulations on barn conversions were loosened. Under the new class Q, barns were permitted to be turned into residential buildings without the need for planning permission. Many people took advantage of the trend by transforming old barns into beautiful homes with the help of a barn conversion company.

Should I invest in a barn conversion?

Barn conversions are inherently unique. They couldn’t differ more from the cookie-cutter homes in new build developments that are so common today. Every barn conversion has its own story and background, which is what makes them so valuable.

Barn conversions are often situated in remote locations, where gaining planning permission to build a new house is difficult or downright impossible. They also benefit from extremely spacious layouts. Because of these two benefits, barn conversions are high-demand properties that continue to maintain their value.

Due to the rarity of barn conversions, as well as their growing popularity amongst buyers in rural regions, barn conversions are a smart financial move that can pay off handsomely.

If it’s your first time investing in a barn conversion, consider working with a professional barn conversion company. Barn conversions are very different to new build construction. It’s important to work with someone who has proven skills in conservation work, as making an old structure safe for habitation can be more difficult than building from scratch.

Benefits of Barn Conversions

A beautiful environment

Most barn conversions are built in rural locations. In these areas, planning permission for new buildings is unlikely to be granted.

Barn conversion residents get to live amongst tranquil settings and enjoy their property’s natural beauty every day – without the looming threat of nearby development.

The best of old and new

The most desirable barn conversions are those that preserve their original character. An optimum barn conversion pays homage to the original structure, while providing all the modern creature comforts you could want.

Plenty of outdoor space

Many barn conversions have bi-fold doors that face out onto the garden. Barn conversions are the ideal property for maximising indoor/outdoor flow. In recent years, outdoor space has become more valuable and desirable than ever.

Large living areas

Most barns were originally designed with vaulted or high ceilings, full-height doors, and enormous open-plan rooms. They provide ample space for all of your furniture and belongings – and extra space for feature walls or furnishings if you want.

Maintains value over time

Barn conversions are highly profitable if the conversion was carried out properly and has been well maintained. This is especially true if there have been no major changes to the surroundings, such as the construction of a bypass or large increases in the numbers of residents nearby.

Contemporary living

Barn conversions are known for their original brick and stone walls, exposed beams, and trusses. A high-quality barn conversion provides all the character of a historic home without the noise, drafts, and high heating costs.


If you want to invest in a barn conversion, make sure you hire professional barn conversion builders. They have extensive knowledge of the various restrictions and requirements imposed by planning authorities on barn conversion projects.

From the initial design and planning stages through to the final installation of lighting and smart home technology, a good barn conversion company can help you every step of the way.

Astrum Construction has over twenty years of experience in creating beautiful barn conversions. We primarily work within Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northamptonshire. If you are located in these counties or within any of the following villages, drop us a line:
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We’d love to help you with your barn conversions, restoration work, or anything else you might need. Get in contact today for a chat about your dream home.

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